"Dizzy and The Ring of Zaks"
by Trz's Team



The Ring has been found!

Rockwart spared no costs in trying to find the Ring and become as powerful as his former master. He dug up a mine so large that its tunnels extended to reach even the most remote parts of the Kingdom. Soon, his efforts paid off, but yet they backfired on him: Zaks is now on loose, and the entire Yolkfolk is in danger once again.

Last time around, Zaks sent Dizzy to the far future, so that our hero could not interfere with the sorcerer's scheming. Luckily, Theodore was able to transport Dizzy back home, so that he can face the upcoming evil...

It's time for Dizzy to put Zaks back where he belongs.


- design: trz
- coding: trz, osa, dr. Titus
- graphics: trz, Rindex
- title screen: prof4d
- zxtune plugin support: Vitamin
- music: MmcM, CJ Splinter, Yerzmyey
- beta-testing, rus proofreading: diver, sq/skrju
- eng translation and proofreading: Crash Nicker


- Intro, World of Dizzy (CJ Splinter)
- Spring Warm Day (MmcM)
- Dizzy in Cave (MmcM)
- Walk Through The Castle (MmcM & CJ Splinter)
- New Line (Yerzmyey)
- Planxty Burke/Planxty Drew (edit), by Shelley Phillips

and several free sound collections
used on behalf of SFX



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