"Daisy At The Movies"
by Steve 'Grandad' Rennie



Daisy is at DizzyAge film studios to star in a film, but the director has mislaid the key to the studio and the script is locked inside.

Some of the puzzles are solved by creating the title of a film, others refer to characters or actors in a particular film and the player may have to make use of their individual 'skill sets'. These are basically 'clues' as to how to progress, and saves a lot of time rather than just trying lots of different items. Tree stumps are used for placing the correct item(s) rather than faffing around to find the right place to use something. As usual, Daisy can carry up to four items. Daisy cannot get hurt or lose any energy. Things that can potentially kill or hurt just knock her away. Oh, you know those little red coloured fish ..there are some!



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