The Adventures of Dizzy Junior"

by Matt 'Lord Dizzy of Yolkfolk' Lee


Historical Background:

Yolkfolk Legend communicates in it's in historical scripture that each of the living yolkfolk are celebrated in life with a stone tablet of them attached to a memorial structure. The stone tablet remains in place until the particular yolkfolk member dies where they are then entered into the Parish Registers in the Sacred Church & are replaced when the next yolkfolk generation enters the world. The memorial structures reside in the Yolkfolk Heritage Site, the most sacred part of Yolkfolk (through the Sacred Gates). The legend has it that if all stone tablets aren't in place then after 7 eggs days terrible storms will brew, deadly disease & plagues will ensue until the Yolkfolk are wiped out. The stone tablets are considered extremely sacred for the well being of the Yolkfolk & linked to the statues of them on the Sacred Wall.


Dizzy Junior just wants Daddy Dizzy to play footbal with him, but the statues on the Sacred Wall of the Yolkfolk have all been blacked out, just leaving silhouettes, the Yolkfolk have been erased from history as all the stone tablets have been removed. Help Junior on his first adventural quest to find and replace all the stone tablets to the correct memorials and thus restore each of the Yolkfolk to be dipicted on the Sacred Wall...to avert disaster and so Dizzy will eventually play football with him.



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Speak to the Heritage Site Keeper

Enter the church, speak to the vicar & obtain the
poison feed, use to get pass the crabs in the rock pool

Speak to Grand Dizzy

Use the stalk passed Goldyolk Bridge to traverse to the
communicaitons tower, obtain the dynamite

Obtain the extendable wood & detonator from the quarry
Speak to Grandad Diz

Enter the mine and flip the initial 1st lever, travel the
cart down the shaft

Position the dynamite between the rocks blocking off
entry to East Section of the mine. Place the dentonator
on the rock and plunge to blow the stones apart

Jump down to the left from the cart at the bottom of the
shaft and flip the 2nd lever (so can travel back up)

Obtain the trampoline and position between the flowers
to the right of the greenhouse keeper at the foot of
the cliff face to quicken access up it

Use the extendable wood at the end of the coral passage
to use as a floating platform in the water to bridge
the gap

Flip the 3rd lever at the end, jump down to the water

Speak to Daisy & Dylan

Fill the empty bucket at the water bank edge

Travel west on the cart, flip the 4th lever so you
can travel back

Obtain the bag of fertilizer and give to Great Grandad
Dizzy. He gives you some worms removed from the soil

Feed the can of worms to the frog who eats them and
hops away content leaving the way ahead

Obtain the spade and reverse (don't drop down as you
will be trapped)

Obtain the pickaxe, go to the Quarry Cavern and use
with the spade to dig through to below

Drop down underneath the quarry and pull down
the (multi)lever opening the olde winch shaft. This raises
the platform above the quarry cavern so can be crossed
& makes the yellow button in the mine operational

Climb the Quarry area and obtain Gt Grandid Diz
Stone Tablet from the upper area & the rope resting
on the tall stone slab

Speak to the troll then the witch.

Obtain the football

Attach the rope to the hook in the small gap above
the deadly shaft

Climb down the rope and go to the left

Position the football on the ground and kick it
to flip the 5th lever

Climb the rope up and use the upper platform to
the right, using the hatch at the end to return
back to the cart. Travel back West

Travel up the West Shaft

Obtain can of oil from the safety equipment

Flip the 6th lever to enable to ride back
to the beginning near the mine opening.

Use the can of oil on the pump mechanism
on treechalet fountain

Empty the bucket of water from the ledge
above into the fountain, this flushes
out the blockage making both the fountain
& the well to start working, (it also reveals
Dizzy Junior's football that circulated it's
way into the pipe out into the water by the

You can now 'Walk on Water' to cross to
the ledges on the other side

Visit the well & refill the bucket with
fresh pure water. Visit and give to
Daisy. She lets you have a gripping

Speak to Dolores at the red chalet.

Obtain the circular saw from Dozy's
Brown Chalet.

Obtain empty bottle from the high ledge.
Try wake Dozy

Fill the empty bottle at the Toxic Waters
screen, top level inside the mine.

Use the circular saw to cut a way down
the waterfall at Yolk Falls

Obtain the Sacred 'Set of Keys', use to
gain entry through the Sacred Gates &
the Dozy Stone Tablet.

Obtain the small key and use it to gain
access to the workshop, speak to keeper.

Obtain the Church Cross, use the gripping
utensil to grip and move the white box
in the Church Vestry so you can climb
the pillars. Place the Cross back to the
Alter. You can now get past the spikes.
Obtain Dora Stone Tablet. Climb the bell
tower. Speak to Dora.

Obtain Large Bag of Bird Seed and Parish
Register. Give seed to Dizzy and obtain
the Hook.

Use Hook on safety equipment racking
in mine to pull down a Protective Cape.

Use the Protective Cape to acess safely
down the Leafy Shaft.

Obtain the Leafy Wreath and the Dylan
Stone Tablet.

Give the Leafy Wreath to Dylan, obtain
the Magic Leaf.

Visit the Witch again and give her the
ingredients, bottle of toxic water &
the magic leaf. Obtain the sleeping
potion. Give to the troll.

Obtain the cool key and use to activate
the air conditioning pass the troll.

Obtain the magnet and ride up the air
current from the gust of air from the
pipe at bottom of the mine. Enter
through the doors, obtain the mobile
phone, use the magnet to pull up the
section of collasped track.

Continue on and obtain the lighter,
return and give to the workshop keeper.
Obtain the hammer.

See the Tribal skeleton then return
to speak to Grandad Diz. Give him the

Use the mobile phone from top of
the communications tower to ring
and wake up Dozy. He then returns
to his chalet clearing the path.

Obtain Dozy's lilo. Use to bridge the
gap 'Across Yolk Falls' by the spikes.

Obtain the duster. Continue to the main
shaft, drop down onto angled stantion
and activate the platform (flips up).

Obtain the wheel and make your way back
round and use the platform to gain access
to the olde ancient part of Yolkfolk in
the mine. Use the wheel on the cog
mechinism to do so.

Speak to the olde founding king on the
gold throne.

Obtain the parish resgiter from the
church and give to the olde king.
He gives you an estendable olde cane.

Obtain the empty bag, fill it with
material from the mound of quarry
deposite. Empty this from the
platform above into the cart on
the track leading into the ancient

Flip the lever and it moves the cart.
Push the cart down the incline where
it has stopped, the momentum takes
it across the shaft. Go across there
to the heat devouring pit and flip last
lever. This empties the cart of
material and quashes the fire.

Obtain the sacred star and position back
in place to the structure on the graves
to the afterlife. The now comforted
soul throws you the Dolores Stone Tablet.

Use the cane to pull down the platform
at the toxic of death screen. Obtain
the Denzil Stone Tablet.

Speak to the Greenhouse Keeper, he
gives you a cultivating knife, use
this to cut the herb of the stalk inside
the greenhouse. Take and give the herb
to Dolores so she can finish the Yolkfolk
Pie she is making everyone. She gives you
a Chisel.

Give the Chisel to Grandad Diz. He uses
both tools he now has to make a bronze
stone coin.

Take the stone coin to the tribel skeleton.
You get a sacred medallion in return.

Take the sacred medallion and place it
to the temple mine shrine. This opens
the way ahead.

Obtain the fliipers and use to obtain
the Gt Grandad Diz Stone Tablet from
the ledge beneath the waterfall.

Obtain the lone key which was missing
from the link set of keys previously
and use to gain access through the
ginnel gate. Place any stone tablets
in position there.

Obtain the duster and give to Dora.
She gives you an Olde Key which is
used on the control box to Goldyolk

Drop down the trapdoor making sure
you are wearing the aqualung and
obtain the broken dizzy stone

Take the broken tablet to be
repaired by the craftsman in the
workshop. Collect all scrolls for
him to do this.

Take the repaired stone tablets, ensure
all are in position. This opens the
sacred gateway to the enclosure and
complete the game.


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