"Miraculous Multiplier Dizzy"
by Alan Fugazi (Pogie)


One day Dizzy was out for a walk when he was startled by a deep rumble and a bright flash in the distance. He hurried over to investigate but suddenly a huge flock of birds flew by and almost knocked him over. "That's strange," Dizzy thought, "All those birds looked exactly the same." Nearing the woods where he saw the flash a whole herd of identical Amarogs charged through the trees only narrowly missing the little egg. "Gosh, something's definitely not right here, I wonder who could have caused this?" he thought. He didn't even have time to scratch his shell before his question was answered by a familiar voice from the trees above...

Help Dizzy get to the bottom of this miraculously multiplied problem before it's too late and the whole town is full of duplicates!



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