"Heart-land Dizzy"
by Phillip L Ward


Daisy is off checking out Danny's new den in the caves so Dizzy decided to surprise her before she gets back by collecting all the heart fragments, the more hearts the more complete it gets. But there are many creatures and strangers above and below ground, plus you don't want Daisy to find out and you'll have to hurry before she gets back.. Nothing is too dangerous for our Dizzy not even the hooded stranger and his red right hand, or those annoying flying things. But Dizzy main weakness is he always gets too distracted, hopefully you can hurry him along.

Gook Luck Dizzy, your going to need it.
In short, collect hearts, beat the bad guy and save the girl.



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You'll have to do your best until the official walkthrough is released!
And if you are really stuck, visit the community forums or email the author.


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