"Dizzy Oops!"
by Constantinescu Silviu Alexandru


Zaks has returned from exile,kidnapped the princess and want to use her royal blood to become more powerfull than ever.

Our hero will have to save the princess, wich is being trapped on the lost island & guarded by somme kind of evil statue from another world, bring back the king's courage without he could never rule again and above that find a cure for Daisy's redness wich it seems it's very expensive.

The game contains 160 screens of diverse themes in the classic old good graphics style with few exeptions and if the player knows what to do it will take him aprox. 1.5 hours to complete it.



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You'll have to do your best until the official walkthrough is released!
And if you are really stuck, visit the community forums or email the author.


To contact the author check the readme file from the game,
or check the community forums.
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