"Grogg Island Dizzy"
by Matt Huckvale


A year has passed since Zaks’ invasion of Dragon Valley was thwarted by Dizzy and life has been slowly returning to normal. Daisy has finally started talking to Dizzy, Dora has lost her penchant for flies, Dylan eventually managed to save his trampled flowerbeds and Dizzy is next in line for the throne. All was well in Draconium. Until last week...
While out hunting in the forest, The King was gored by Shamus’ pet Armorog, Alphonse, and sadly passed away. Though the people of the valley were distraught at the death of their benevolent leader, preparations were soon under way for the coronation of the new king. As Dizzy made his way to the castle his carriage was stopped by The Prince’s Guard. Prince Bertie had become incredibly jealous of the bond between his father and Dizzy and when The King died he moved quickly to rally his troops to take back his birthright. Dizzy and the rest of the yolkfolk were quickly forced into exile on an island which houses all of Dragon Valley’s ‘undesirables’.

Now it’s up to Dizzy to find a way off the island with the rest of the yolkfolk before he feels the pointy end of a cutlass. Can Dizzy escape or will he forever be a prisoner of........ GROGG ISLAND!



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