"Dizzy Legends: Curse of The Mystics"
by Jamie Douglas


Dizzy Legends

A long time ago, countless years before the time of Dizzy and the present Yolkfolk, evil and oppression were the watchwords of the land. Common yolkfolk were suppressed, beaten and tortured. The land itself had a dark dank air of fear and terror, and an oppressive, twisted, and paranoid leader ruled with an iron fist...

Chapter 1: The Lord of Darkness

If you haven't played the first chapter yet, you can check it out here.

Chapter 2: Curse of The Mystics

13 years have passed since the rise of The Lord of Darkness, and the Lord has long since receded into himself, growing ever more bitter and twisted with every passing year. The Castle of Illumination has long since lost its shine and sparkle, instead becoming a monstrous forboding presence, towering over the land and keeping the common subjects constantly fearful of their lives.

The Lord himself is bordering on the edge of madness, now almost obsessive in his belief that someone will plot against him as he did against the king before him. Rumours have reached him that the son of the long dead king is planning a coup, and in his madness, the Lord has turned to mystics and sorcerers to guide him and help remove the threat to his rule...



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