"Swampland Dizzy"
by Matt Lee


Dizzy, Daisy and the rest of the yolkfolk clan were on an outing to the Yolkfolk land of Yonda. The weather was lovely & the day was being enjoyed, so much so that Zaks decided they were enjoying it just that bit too much.

Zaks therefore thought he would do something about that & created out of nowhere a freak storm to occur. Dark threatening clouds had formed and a sudden heavy downpour ensued with some strong winds. Although it didnt last too long it saturated part of the land, swamping the ground so much so it caused a landslide. Although Dizzy was quick to take evasive action & avoid poor Daisy went down with the landslide and became trapped. Dizzy cant reach her and has to find a means to rescue her from the swamped landslide.



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[spoiler start]

Obtain pickaxe in castle upper level west

Obtain key (avoiding the spider) to be used
later in the dungeon cells.

Obtain spade near cannons on castle roof and use
to dig through the saturated soil.

Obtain girder section and use to get across the pit
with the spikes.

Obtain DIY Kit from cloud to get across swamp.

Obtain from celler & give irish whiskey to pub
reveller (get 1 coin in return)

Give imperial stout to pub reveller (receive brittle hammer)

Use pickaxe on boulders

Obtain Lock Pic. Obtain hook handle from park

Use hook handle to gain access to king.

Use brittle hammer on unstable wall

Use Lock pic on trapdoor

Obtain sharp sword blade and use by making
a puncture on barrel for the liquid to drain
away making it lighter to move

Obtain key to east wing. Obtain bucket.
Speak to Dozy.

Use bucket and fill it with water near lighthouse.

Give bucket of water to lighthouse keeper.

Obtain rolled up flag on boat and give to king, he
gives you the ladder.

Use key on east wing door. Open the wardrobe door
in the hiding quarters room to reveal Dora to speak to.
Obtain Dozy's poem book. Speak & give poem book to Dozy.
You get cannon ball in return.

Use ladder to gain access to speak to Dylan. Obtain
old rag of material on cloud. Use to make safe along
the spikes to gain access to the dungeons cells.

Obtain and give camcorder to Denzil up on the lighthouse.

Take church bell in return and give to Vicar.

Vicar gives you a heavy crate.

Use crate on counter balance mechanism to gain
access to the keys. Take the end key hanging.

Use the end key to open the shutter door of dungeon
cell 2. Reveals First Aid Kit. Use the first key obtained
earlier (the one where you had to avoid the spider) and
use on cell 5 to reveal a coin.

Obtain jar of gunpowder. Place cannon ball to cannon
and use jar of gunpowder on it to fire the cannon.
This hits and removes the troll from the look out point.

Go pass the troll (now not there) and obtain silver key
to gain access to the dungeons where you can speak to
Grand Dizzy. Obtain the Scythe item.

Use the First Aid Kit on Dylan. He leaves a bottle of
potion chemical behind.

Give the scythe to the farmer and he will give you a bag
of spice in return.

Give bag of spice to Dora. She leaves behind an allan key
she found in back of wardrobe.

Use allan key to open the tool box, revealing a spanner.

Use spanner to free Grand Dizzy from the chains.

Grand Dizzy leaves you a jewelled ring he found wandering

Use the potion chemical to dissolve the rotting floorboard
in the tunnel to gain access to the secret chamber.

Give the jewelled ring to the hideout character. He lets you
trade for another item. You take the box of matches and you
use these to burn away the bails of hay in the barn that was
blocking your way. Give all coins to the general keeper
and obtain the rope.

Tie the rope around the left post of the bridge. Climb
down to Daisy to rescue her and complete the game.

Well done !!

[spoiler end]


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