"Yolkfolk to the Rescue"
by Andy Mason


The Story in Brief

Grand Dizzy was out in the woods hiding his gold coins because he knows how much Dizzy likes finding them. In a remote spot he was captured by the evil wizard Zaks and locked in his hut. In order to get his release Zaks wants a mysterious object that is secured in the bank of the nearby town and it is up to Dizzy to get it for him. The object is in a safe within the bank and the safe requires a combination. To get pieces of the combination, tasks within the town must be carried out but Dizzy doesn't have the skills or knowledge to complete them all. Therefore he calls on some of his Yolkfolk friends to help him out.

The Basics

Walk your player around town where there are a number of tasks to be completed. As you complete them you will be given a piece of the safe combination. You start off playing as Dizzy but he doesn't have the neccessary skills to complete all the tasks so you will have to switch to a character that does.

Switching Characters & the Inventory

By pressing enter you access the inventory dialog. If you select an inventory item it will be used or dropped depending on the situation. If you select a character one of two things could happen. If the selected character is on screen you will switch contol to that character. If they are not on screen then you are told where they are so you can find them and then change. The characters not in your control are always where you left them. This will not be the case in the next release as they will move somewhere else now and again.

Player Skills

In a meeting before entering the town, Dizzy dished out jobs for each of the team. He decided that himself, Denzil & Dylan should stick to their skills. Daisy was given the job of feeding everybody as there were many energy zapping nasties about town. Therefore only Daisy can enter shops to gather what is there. Daisy has also been given the extra responsibility of entering the safe combination and is the only team member that will enter the bank.

The remaining Yolkfolk skills are:
Dizzy - plumbing & chemistry
Dylan - electrical & building
Denzil - mechanical

Feeding Time

There are two foods types available which Daisy can take from the shops and leave somewhere for the other Yolkfolk. Food one is the favourite food of each team member and the second type is Cherry Buns. Anyone eating their favourite food will give a 100% energy boost but if they eat someone elses the will only get a third. Cherry Buns give a two third energy increase.

The favourite foods of the Yolkfolk are:
Dizzy : ham
Dylan : beans
Daisy : pear
Denzil : cheese burger

To clarify: If you are in need of energy and you are controlling Denzil. Then eating the cheese burger will give you the maximum boost. If you eat someone elses favourite food then you only get a third. You've been warned.



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