"Summer Blast Dizzy"
by Colin Page


Zaks is about to go on his summer holiday, but is his own special way, he doesn't want want the yolkfolk to miss out on some fun. He has hidden 5 explosive devices throughout the village (isn't that sweet!).

The only way to de-fuse them, requires a unique code key (which too are hidden). As a treat you get to control, not only Dizzy, but the rest of the Yolkfolk as well. This will help as some items are only accessible by that character.



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If you need help finding the coins, read below,
by selecting the text with your mouse:

[spoiler start]

Summer Blast Dizzy Coin Locations

from mine going west

1 in telescope at 'top of the tower'
2 behind tall 'grass at the lone tree'
3 in clouds above mine
4 at the lift winch
5 the mine upper level 2
6 on rope bridge west side
7 on beach
8 in ocean by chasm
9 in mine at 'oh rats!'
10 behind glowing crystal at rock pool
11 at 'the splash zone'

the woods

12 at 'going up'
13 at 'tree tops'
14 behind railing at 'dylans treehouse'
15 behind railing at 'going down'
16 behind railing at 'wood you believe it'
17 in tall grass at 'east side of the woods'

at dora's

18 behind railing at 'dora's bedroom'
19 'two dead ends'
20 'how to get there'
21 in cupboard at 'dora's kitchen'

at denzil's

22 behind railing at'denzil's staircase'
23 in crate at 'the storeroom'
24 at 'four ways'
25 in cupboard at 'denzil's kitchen'

the village

26 at 'village outskirts'
27 behind fence at 'dora's shop'
28 in sewer
29 in ivy at 'the museum'
30 on top of museum

the botanical gardens

31 behind plant at 'palm tree row'
32 at 'angry bees'

at dozy's

33 behind pillow at 'night night'

at the river

34 behind bark at 'up stream'
35 at 'keldor pass'
36 behind railing at 'rope bridge'

at museum

37 at 'shelved'
38 at 'to central corridor east'
39 in grate at 'exit to west corridor'
40 at 'to north corridor east'
41 behind plant at 'the office'


42-45 1st 4 bombs

[spoiler end]


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