"Starship Dizzy"
by JD Burton


Captain Dizzy of the planet Yolklon VI commands the Eggbox - the fastest and most powerful ship in the Yolkfleet. Which is why he has been chosen to lead this mission...

There is a tale which says that aeons ago the seer Aubergius created a document so powerful that the reader gained knowledge and command over all of creation. Terrified by what he had created, Aubergius spread the five pages across the galaxy where they would never be found.

Except they have. The ferocious and power-hungry Zaklon Empire has learned of the Aubergine Scrolls and their locations, leaving all the cosmos hanging in the balance - on the brink of destruction and domination should the Zaklons succeed.

And so they must not. Captain Dizzy must lead his crew to all five sectors of the universe where these pages are hidden and claim them before the Zaklons do.

Only Dizzy can save eggkind.



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You will have to do your best until the official walkthrough is released! And if you are really stuck, visit the community forums or email the author.


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