"Dizzy: Searching for bugs in the land of KO2"
by Spyros Paraschis


This is not a proper Dizzy-inspired game. It does not take place in the land of the Yolkfolk and the regular Dizzy characters don't appear in it.

In fact it's a tribute to the KOA (Kick Off Association) - a community devoted to the great Kick Off series of football games. I actually meant it as a joke wrapped around a game, so don't expect much from it if you are not related ot the KOA (or, as a matter of fact, even if you are...).

The excuse for a plot has the hero, Alex, arriving somehow in a strange land and ending up participating in a bug hunt featuring some prominent KOA members.

Completing the game might post a slight challenge, but losing a life is extremelly difficult. The main emphasis is on character interaction and, to a lesser extent, exploration.



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You will have to do your best until the official walkthrough is released! And if you are really stuck, visit the community forums or email the author.


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