"Volcano Island Dizzy"
by Colin Page


It seems that the spirits are angry that developers are removing resources from the volcanic island of Ovum. The volcano is in imminent danger of erupution. Dizzy has been called in to rescue the inhabitance of the island, before this happens!



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If you're really stuck on this game, read below,
by selecting the text with your mouse:

[spoiler start]
Use the starting handle (from under the loader) on the pump
Use the branch (from the church roof) on the warehouse hopper
Use the starting handle again on the pump
Use the matches (from the warehouse roof) on the rope
Use the spanner (from the church tower) on warehouse door
Use the metal bell pull (from the church bell rope) 3 times on the church slab
Get the lift pass from the shopkeeper (you will need 10 diamonds)
Use the lift pass on the cable car
Use the gravel (from the warehouse pipe) on the lava boulder
Use the crowbar (from the jungle) on the fort cannon
Use the matches on the armoury cannon
Give the goat's cheese (from by the mountain goat) to the rat
He gives you a bucket
Use the lime (from the armoury) on the dock leak
Fill the water pistol (from crypt) with lime water
Use the full water pistol on the acid rain cloud
Use the matches on the prince
Use the key on castle door
Use the castle blueprint (from the tribal village) on the switch
Give the wine (from the castle cellar) to the troll
Use the can of polyurethane (to the right of lower cable car station) at collapsed bridge
Denzil gives you megaphone
Give the megaphone to the king
He gives you feather
Use the feather on dozy
He leaves you a blanket
Give the coat (from the washroom) to the bear
Use the lamp on the genie
Wet the blanket in either the spring or the bad weather puddle
Use the wet blanket on the oil fire
Give grand dizzy the cough mixture (from the castle)
He gives you a skull
Give the skull to the grim reaper
He gives you a knife
Give the knife to Dylan
He leaves you the tangle vines
Use the tangle vines on the unclimbable wall
Use the idol (from the treasure room) on the tribal village altar
Give the gold feather (from tribal village) to the shopkeeper
He gives you a necklass
Give the necklass to the princess
She leaves you a muffin basket
Give the basket to dora
She gives you a strawberry
Give the strawberry to the professor
He leaves you strawberry potion
Give the strawberry potion to pogie
Use the cage (from the treasure tunnel) on pogie
Use the branch on the ice crevice
The boulder slides to you
Place 3 boulders on the weighbridge plate (2nd from by the lava flow and the 3rd near to grand dizzy)
Get the pointer from the scale
Fit 40 diamonds on the drilling machine start machine
Get the rope
Use caged pogie on the villager
Use the rope (when carrying the pointer) on daisy's cage
Use the key (from near the tribal village bridge) on the cage

You have finished the game!

First 10 diamonds

1. in docks
2. behind tile in village roof
3. behind railing on church staircase
4. behind tile in church roof
5. in crypt
6. behind sword handle in crypt
7. in bell
8. start loader engine
9. on top of hopper
10. behind railing in warehouse office

40 Diamonds

1. in armoury
2. behind top tree fire (put flames out with the bucket, filled with water from the pool, protected by the genie)
3. behind railing in 'more dense jungle'
4. behind railing in 'dense jungle'
5. in grotto
6. on volcano 'lower slope'
7. in bear cave
8. below ice crevice
9. above grand dizzy
10. behind pile in 'big dig' (use pickaxe)
11. behind pile in 'sharp bend' (use pickaxe)
12. behind pile in 'the open cavern' (use pickaxe)
13. on ledge in 'the s bend'
14. behind mirror (smash glass with hammer)
15. in 'main tunnel A'
16. behind log below 'main tunnel A'
17. behind log in 'upper T junction'
18. in 'two tunnels'
19. behind jar in 'tunnels end'
20. in 'lower T junction'
21. in 'camel back'
22. in 'the new tunnel'
23. in treasure 'the entrance'
24. in 'a previous visitor'
25. in tunnel 'it's getting closer'
26. in 'blast damage'
27. in tribal village
28. behind leaves in tribal village
29. by prince
30. room below professor
31. in 'central turret'
32. behind tile below central turret
33. behind railing on first floor
34. behind railing on 'central staircase'
35. on top of princesses bed
36. in cellar
37. by oak tree
38. near pogie
39. on clouds
40. on clouds

[spoiler end]


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