"Dreamworld Dizzy"
by Jamie Douglas


Dizzy is out walking one day, when suddenly,
he falls under a magical spell, and goes into a deep sleep...
When he wakes up, he's in a strange forest, in a strange land.
Can you help him to escape this land, and get back home?



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If you're really stuck on this game, read below,
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[spoiler start]
-Pick up the Sleep Medicine, and give it to Dozy. Take the Outboard Motor and give it to Denzil. Take the Bible.
-Find Grand Dizzys Bag and give it to Grand Dizzy.
-Find the Spade and give it to Dylan
-Flick the two green switches, and use the lower lift to access the Strange Gold Bottle. Use it anywhere to the left of the 'How to get past?' room to disable the first of the treehouse transporters.
-Carrying the Bible, walk into the Evil Dizzy to destroy him, and collect the bag. Use the Telekinesis Potion on the Front Portcullis to gain access to the castle.

-Get the Cross from the Castle Chapel, and get the Spanner from clouds outside the Bell Tower.
-Get the Stone Block from the lower flagpole.
-Carry The Cross when entering the Haunted Room to be able to pick up the Fire Extinguisher.
-Use the Fire Extinguisher on the fire in the Main Corridor, and use the Spanner on the Rear Portcullis.

-Use the Old Key on the Strange Wardrobe and give the Bearskin Hat to Mr Tumnus
-Use the Stick With Woodworm on the Fire Base in the Main Corridor.
-Take the De-magnetising Kit from the Flooded Stairwell, and use it on the Magnet stuck to the suit of armour.
-Use the Strong Magnet to pull the skeleton down in the basement Air Vent, and take the Official Pardon.
-Use the Official Pardon to get past the guilotine and get the Oar.
-Use the Oar on the Driftwood, and take the Loaf of Bread.
-Give the Loaf of Bread to Alice, and use the Strange Blue Bottle anywhere to the left of the 'How to get past?' room to disable one of the treehouse transporters.
-Get the Cage and the Fluffleade from the treehouse. Place the Cage in front of Pogie, and the Fluffleade just past the Cage. Take the Caged Fluffle and give it to Dora. Take the 'Drink Me' Potion.

-Take the Bottle of Milk. Use the 'Drink Me' Potion in the sunken part of the ground just past Alice, and walk down into Wonderland.
-Use the Bottle of Milk on the Mad Hatter. Take the Jack and the 'Eat Me' Cake, and walk left back into the castle. Use the 'Eat Me' Cake to get out, and take the Aqualung.
-Use the Stone Block underneath the Medal Cabinet, and take the white Medal
-Give the Medal to Aslan and take the Powerpill
-Use the Jack on the Well, and take the Pail of Water.
-Use the Pail of Water on the flames in the basement, and take the DIY Building Kit.
-Making sure you've got the Aqualung, use the Powerpill on the Chains holding the plug in the basement, and take the Dagger.

-Use the DIY Building kit in the Mirror Room, and jump through the mirror.
-Use the Dagger on the Chapel Rope, and take the Rope.
-Give the Large Egg to the Troll, and take the Bag of Stones,
-Give the Brain to the Tinman, and take the Strange Green Bottle.
-Exit back to the Main Castle using the Mirror in the Mirror Room

-Use the Strange Green Bottle anywhere to the left of the 'How to get past?' room to disable one of the treehouse transporters.
-Use the Bag of Stones on the left side of the Desert Island to get a lift.
-Give the Rope to the Lift Attendant, and take the Lead Piping.
-Take the 'How To Plumb' Book from the Library, and take the Spear from the top of Laputa.
-Get another Large Egg from behind a tuft of grass next to the first pipe.
-Use the 'How To Plumb' Book on the first Pipe, then use the Lead Piping on the Pipe to go down it.
-Take the Strange Red Bottle and use it anywhere to the left of the 'How to get past?' room to disable the last of the treehouse transporters.
-Take the Quill and give it to the Professor, and take the Toothpaste he gives you.

-Get the 'Maths History' book from the top right of the Library, and give it to the King. Take the Rusty Key.
-Use the Large Egg on the Egg Crusher, and use the Rusty Key on the door to Daisys Prison.
-Go back to Wonderland, and give the Toothpaste to the Cheshire Cat. Take the Matches and the Torch Handle.
-Make sure you have the Umbrella, and put the Torch Handle in the holder next to the White Witch in Narnia. Light the Torch with the Matches, and take the Crown.
-Give the Crown to Aslan, and take the Crank Handle.
-Give the Crank Handle to Denzil in Wonderland, and take the Pickaxe and give it to Dylan. Take the Slice of Tart.
-Give the Slice of Tart to the Queen of Hearts, who will give you a Heart. Give the Heart to Daisy, who will go back to her hut.
-Use the Spear on the Lobster in the Sea, and take the Flippers.
-Use the Flippers on Daisy, and provided you've found all the Zzz's, You'll have finished the game! congratulations!

[spoiler end]


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