"Dizzy And The Other Side"
by Alexandru Simion


It's a sunny afternoon and Dizzy is enjoying himself in a chat
with Denzil. Suddenly, his perfect day turns for the worst...
Having no choice, our hero must embark himself on a new quest,
in search for the lost "Stone Of Balance".
Will he succeed? Will he find who is behind this unfortunate disappearance? Well, it is up to you to find out.

The first chapter was released in 2006 and
it won the "Theo's Grotto Fan Game Competition".
The full game was completed in 2008, and it has it's own website:




You can now download the full game () from it's own website:


(the first act was downloaded times)


If you're really stuck on this game, you can use the interactive
helping guide is available on the game's website.


To visit the website of this game, click here.
To play or create Dizzy games, visit the DizzyAGE website: