"Dizzy Who: Into the Tardis"
by Peter Teal


This is a remake of the first of the Dizzy Who Series.
A Strange Blue box has landed near to the yolkfolk village
and Dizzy has gone to investigate.



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[spoiler start]
Enter the blue box and talk to the doctor. He needs your help to retrieve the six segments to the key to time. But first, you need your diary. Jump on Danny's hut, and from there find your path through the clouds. In the clouds, to the right, you will find Danny's harp. And to the left you will find the diary. Give the diary to the doctor. But the Tardis machine still needs some repairing. Take the screwdriver. Give Danny the harp and use his key to enter the workshop. You will need all 5 coins to start the elevator. Go up and use the screwdriver to get the circuit panel. Give it to the doctor and welcome to Katmandu!
[spoiler end]


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