"Dizzy And The Emerald Eye"
by Peter Teal


Dizzy is on a new quest, again! This time, he must help the trolls
to recover a sacred jewel, called The Emerald Eye. It was stollen centuries ago by the evil wizard Zaks who enslaved them.



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Also for those who prefer it, the classic (non-scrolling) version is available here (v2.2).


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[spoiler start]
After the troll asks Dizzy to find the sacred stone, oil the gate and enter the castle. Talk to Dylan. He needs the camrecorder from Dozy who's upstairs, but who lost Pogie. Take Denzil's magazine and the treasure chest from the attic. Go right to the Yolkfolk Tree Village and give the magazine to Denzil. Leave the crowbar. Now right, to the beach and give the chest to the pirate. Take the dynamite sticks. Climb up in the trees and take the empty cage and the syth. From the top platform jump left on the clouds and, if you don't fall, you will reach the castle's roof. Take the 10th coin. Go to Pogie, put him in the cage and bring it to Dozy. Give the camrecorder to Dylan and the scroll to Theo. Bring him the dictionary too, from the library. Now talk to Grand Dizzy about the key to the attic. He will need his medicine from the local shop. Open the attic door and take the detonator. Jump through the hidden passage in the right wall. Push the switch and go down in the basement. Place the dynamite sticks near the wall that blocks the passage. Use the detonator almost where the stairs start, in the other room. Go right and see the very Emerald Eye. But wait, it's protected by a magic shield, so you must go for the amulet. Left, to the Amazing Illusion room you will find the key to Zaks lair. Go there, use the syth to clear the way and the key to open the door. Go to Danzyl and take the crowbar. Use it on the statue in the lair. Jump over the lava pits and get the magic amulet. Destroy the magic shield with it and finally bring the Emerald Eye to the troll.
[spoiler end]


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