"Dizzy And The Healing Potion"
by Cristina Simion


It's a beautiful day and Dizzy wants to ask Daisy for a walk on the beach. But she isn't feeling well, so he starts a quest for helping her.
This is a small game made during DizzyAGE beta-testing. Many thanks to Alexandru Simion for the game cover and all the rest :)
Upgraded to DizzyAGE v2.3



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[spoiler start]
When you talk to Dora about Daisy, you find out that she isn't feeling well and she need some healing potion from Grand Dizzy. But he is missing the special ingredients, so you must find them. Go right to the storage room and get the shovel or the pickaxe. Jump left on the clouds and get the moon flower. Give it to Grand Dizzy. Climb down, go to the graveyard and choose a right spot to dig for some bones. Go right and talk to your friends. Get the scuba-dive. Now go right, to the beach, leave the shovel and take the starfish. Talk to the pirate and give him the scuba-dive so you can take the alcohol. Now, back to Grand Dizzy with the last ingredients. Bring the healing potion to Dora. Soon Daisy will be out an well. Give her the starfish and go to the beach. Now, if you have the shovel, you can dig for the secret room and make Daisy very happy.
[spoiler end]


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