"Dizzy And The Mushrooms Pie"
by Alexandru and Cristina Simion


Dizzy is send by Daisy to find mushrooms for a special pie, but he gets trapped inside a cave and this is only the start of his troubles...
This small demo game was made both for fun and testing purposes.
It demonstrates the use of DizzyAGE engine and it can be a good teaching example. Upgraded to DizzyAGE v2.3



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If you're really stuck on this game, read below,
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[spoiler start]
Go left and take the pickaxe and the mushrooms. Use the pickaxe to free the cave entrance. Talk to Dylan, cross the river and search in the near grass for the elevator's key. Give the key to Dylan and climb up. Jump on the tree branch near Dylan's house and then on the cloud to the left. Collect three coins and pay the bridge tax to the troll. Give the mushrooms to Daisy. Jump up on the pink mushroom and bring the pie to Grand Dizzy.
[spoiler end]


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