Download DizzyAGE

How to begin?
First of all, if you are a beginner, you may want to have a look at this small article. It will tell you the steps you must take to start makeing games with DizzyAGE.

DizzyAGE DevTools
The development tools include the latest game engine, the map editor, the pak tool and the default template, with graphic tiles, scripts and everything. (1.5MB, downloaded times)

The Tools Box includes utils like fontworks, tgaworks, audioworks, that help you manage and edit game's data. (256KB)

The documentation is made of the following three books:

The GS9 Book
This presents the GS9 scripting language, used in all DizzyAGE games. It's a manual written for beginners with no programming experience. The download includes a console application used to run the examples from the book.
(380KB, you can also read it online or download the html version)

The Editor Book
This presents the map editor and teaches you how to use it to create game maps. This book also introduces you to some basic notions found in the DizzyAGE games, like tiles, brushes and properties.
(440KB, you can also read it online or download the html version)

The DizzyAGE Book
This is a practical guide that presents the main components of DizzyAGE games and shows you how to implement the most common puzzles. The download offers an index search feature.
(780KB, you can also read it online or download the html version)

Note: The books are available for read online and for download in CHM and HTML formats. The CHM format supports search and index features. If you experience problems viewing the CHM files, check this article from Microsoft. The HTML format requires you to allow your browser to run the JavaScript content of the books. It's used for tooltips and for hiding and showing source code areas and it's perfectly safe.

Beside the books above, you can also check the articles page.

Dizzy and the Mushroom Pie
As a beginner, you can also check our small demo and see how a few simple puzzles are implemented in this nice little game.

The C/C++ soruce code of the engine is available for developers to ensure your games longevity and future proting.

Alexandru Simion - 2010. All rights are reserved.

Please contact us about problems, suggestions, thoughts or anything else. Previous versions of the engine can be provided on request.