DizzyAGE Easter Competition

The DizzyAGE competition uses a friendly prizeing system that allows more participants to win. The prizes are donated by Dizzy fans or anyone who wants to help Dizzy games and this competition. Almost any prize is accepted: gift certificates, money, collectables, you name it.

At the end of the contest, the winners are ordered by the number of their received votes. In this order they start picking prizes from the prizes list, one at a time.
First, the author of the best voted game chooses one prize from the list. Anything he wants. Then the second voted game, and so one. If the prizes list is bigger than the participants list, first winners will get to choose again and everybody will win something. If the prizes count is smaller than the number of participants, well, there will be some empty hands :)

Donate prizes

Prizes donations are accepted until the end of the contest, June 1st, so if you feel like helping Dizzy community grow, if you ever enjoyed Dizzy games or if you simply want to see a good comnpetition going one, e-mail us about the prize you want to give.

You don't have to send us anything, you will send it directly to the winner who will choose it. So, please be sure you don't back down and give people false hopes.

Announced prizes

  • Free digital copies of my short sci-fi story, The Last Tides, from Alexandru Simion (available for everybody for a limited time).

  • A 10 game of your choice at Steam or GOG from the DizzyAGE creators.