"DizzyAGE Christmas Bundle 2012"

Marry Christmas!

"Bah Humbug"
by Steve Rennie


The "DizzyAGE Christmas Bundle" is a new event happening just in time for Christmas! It's a call to all DizzyAGE developers to take on the challange to produce a very small, but very smart and very funny Dizzy game, in a very short time.

And of course, it's a Christmas gift for all Dizzy fans :)


On December 1st, a small story setup will be released, so all developers willing to participate can start working on their games. All games must be available for download on the morning of December 25th, when everyone open presents :)

So you have 24 days, but of course, you can have fresh ideas and smart scripts ready before start.


All games must start from the given story setup, most probably a dialog sequence, a couple of items, named characters, etc. From there you just free your imagination and come up with a smart way to finish the story and save the day.

The size of the games will be small (like 10 to 20 rooms) so the effort should go into story, puzzles, fun and general polish.

Another requirement is to work in total secrecy! Like any Christmas presents, we want this games bundle to be a nice surprise. So you only contact me on email to register in the event and to receive further instructions, but please don't talk about your game in the forums.


It's winter, cold, heavy snowing, almost dark. Dizzy, Denzyl, Dylan and Daisy came out from a deep wood and now they're standing in front of the large gate of a pretty strange castle.

So, here we are! We'll proceed as planned.

What plan? We have no plan! This is crazy. I say we go back and let the old man have his way. He wants to be called Santa, fine! He has dreams of grandeur, that's understandable at his age.

No, no! I think Santa was the red giant who kidnapped him. He was screaming out from the huge bag.

There was no giant! I saw it with my own eyes. A dozen little goblins, with red boots just like mine and yours, carrying him on their backs. They vanished into the woods before he had the chance to scream anything.

Yeah!? And how do you explain that there was only one pair of footsteps?

Listen! Giants or goblins, it makes no difference. The trail ends here and Grand Dizzy needs us. Here is what we're going to do...

After a short while...

Every game in the bundle must start with this scene as an intro and must include the exact dialog listed above. Then, it's up to each author to find an explanation for what has happened and to put an interesting end to it. Also the characters must have the folowing items in their inventories:

Dizzy: mince pie and a carrot.
Denzil: burning torch
Dylan: a book (author's choice)
Daisy: Grand Dizzy's old watch

Remember! Focus on story, dialogs and puzzles.
Make everything fit together in a small good game!