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How to? Tech demos Videos

"Make Your Own Dizzy Game"
Jamie Douglas teaches you the DizzyAGE basics by making the classic Dizzy 3.5, step by step.

"WaterPlay Demo"
This shows how to activate the swiming with flippers, scuba and bubbles fx.

"Winter Demo"
This demonstrate a snow effect.

"Shrink Demo"
This demonstrate the player's custom movement when shrinked down.

"UpsideDown Demo"
This shows how to do an upside down world like in Dizzy3. Also has a scroll AI, like in Dizzy2.

"Local Demo"
This shows how to localize your game, and how to implement a language selection dialog.

These technological demos present specific techniques.
To run them, use the DizzyAGE v2.2 engine, since they contain only the game's data folder.

Even if most of them are advanced stuff, they can still be imported in games by people with medium skills.
You'll find more info in their "readme.txt" files.

If you need help with any of them, or if you want more, please contact me.