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How to? Tech demos Videos


1. How to begin?
2. How to make good games?
3. How to make scrolling games?


1. How to create tiles with Adobe Photoshop?
2. How to create tiles with Gimp?
3. How to create tiles with Windows Paint?
4. How to auto-build alpha for tiles?


1. How to name a room?
2. How to deny access to a room?
3. How to create games with larger rooms?


1. How to create an item?
2. How to name an item?
3. How to make an item appear or dissapear?
4. How to refuse picking or dropping an item?
5. How to have a weight limit in the inventory?
6. How to set the number of coins?
7. How to change the name of coins?


1. How to talk to a character?
2. How to give an item to a character?
3. How to receive an item from a character?
4. How to make a character come and go?
5. How to set the transparency of an object?
6. How to move a boat between two rooms?


1. How to hide or show a brush?
2. How to break a wall?
3. How to open a door?


1. How to move in another room?
2. How to avoid jumping with the up key?
3. How to swim?
4. How to activate the custom movement?
5. How to reverse left and right keys?
6. How to make the player jump on a trampoline item?


1. How to paint on borders?


1. How to write colored words in messages?
2. How to paint graphic tiles in messages?
3. How to make my own font?


1. How to do a rain or snow fx?
2. How to do an (evil) mirror Dizzy?


1. How to do an attract mode in main menu?


1. How to play a sound sample?
2. How to play a music?
3. How to convert music formats?
4. How to edit music files?
5. How to crop YM files?


1. How to track the playtime?
2. How to localize your game?
3. How to rename the game executable?
4. How to rename the readme file?
5. How to use an external installer?

These articles are ment to point you in the right direction, after you read the documentation books. They are not complete solutions. If you need help with any of them, or if you want more, please contact me.