About DizzyAGE

DizzyAGE is a set of tools used to create Dizzy games in the classic adventure style.
It's name stands for "Dizzy Adventure Game Engine".

  • Allows users to concentrate on the quality of the story and puzzles.
  • Stabil and easy to use game enviroment.
  • Fluent player movement, very similar to the original games.
  • Easy to use map editor.
  • Custom graphic tiles in Z80 or PC style, with 32bit support.
  • Simple script for event responses and objects behaviour.
  • Classic inventory and dialogs.
  • Support for scrolling games.
  • Sound and music support, including Z80 tunes.
  • Save and Load game options.
  • Data packing with zip compressing.
  • Setup application for configure game options.
  • Documentation, tutorials and technical support.
  • Additional tiles and sounds packages, available for download.
  • Publish your games on the official DizzyAGE web site.
  • A growing DizzyAGE community that creates great Dizzy games.

DizzyAGE runs on a PC with a 3D accelerated graphic card (GeForce2 or above recomanded). It uses Windows operating system and it requires DirectX 9 (or above) or OpenGL, installed on the system. For audio, it needs a Direct Sound compatible sound card. It also takes advantage of the force feedback feature on your gamepad or joystick, if available.

Legal note

DizzyAGE is free to be used by anyone who wants, but Dizzy fan-games must give credit to the original Dizzy authors. See the documentation for details.

Future plans

DizzyAGE will be keept up to date, so your games are assured for compatibility with future systems and hardware. Other platforms or operating system are not in plan, but not out of question. The engine's source code is available and easy to be ported.


Authors: Alexandru Simion and Cristina Simion
Original Dizzy games had been created by Oliver Twins and Codemasters.
Our thanks to Cris Gilbert and Bogdan Zegheru, for helping us with the beta-testing the original version. Also many thanks to the Dizzy Online Community, Yolkfolk.com and especially to PTeal, Jamie, Andy, Slider, Reptar and all other who showed their interest in DizzyAGE.